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Trips, folders, regular expenses, mileages: see which types of expenses can be submitted using Circula.

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You can submit four types of expenses with Circula:

To select which type of expense to submit, press the yellow plus button in our mobile app.


Trips allow you to group expenses related to the same business trip and submit them altogether. Trips can contain multiple destinations. For more information on how to submit trips, see the following article.


Folders allow you to group relevant expenses and mileages and submit them all at once. For more information on how to submit folders, see the following article.

Regular expenses

A regular expense corresponds to a payment made by an employee on behalf of the company. Regular expenses can be reimbursed when the employee made the payment using cash or their own card.

To submit a payment, the following information is required:

  • Scan of the original receipt

  • Amount of the receipt

  • Date of the receipt

  • Name of the restaurant/taxi company/hotel etc.

Mileage expenses

A mileage expense is an allowance for travel expenses at a specified rate per mile or km granted to employees for the use of a vehicle during a business trip.

To submit a mileage, the following information is required:

  • Start location

  • Destination

  • Start date

  • Date of return

See our article on how mileage allowances are calculated for more information.

📝 Note: Your company may require you to input the purpose of an expense, in which case this field may also appear as mandatory.

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