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Submitting digital invoices
Submitting digital invoices

How to manage and store your digital invoices in Circula.

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You can upload digital PDF invoices directly to Circula, saving you the hassle of printing them out just to scan them into the app again.

Upload using Storage (mobile and web)

Storage allows you to send PDF invoices to your Circula account by sending them via e-mail. To send PDF invoices directly to your Circula app, forward them to After a few seconds, you will find the forwarded invoice in your Storage:

  • In the Storage section of the mobile app:

Storage view in iOS app

  • In the web app, when clicking on 'Add from Storage'

Please remember to forward your digital receipt from the e-mail address you use to sign in to Circula so we can properly match your invoices to your account.

Adding a secondary email address

If you wish to send your PDF invoices from a different e-mail address, please first add this email address to your Circula account. You can do this in the mobile app, by going to 'Settings', section 'Secondary email addresses'.

You can add a secondary email address in Settings

Upload using drag and drop (web only)

When you create an expense using the web-app, you can also simply drag and drop the file. The supported formats are PDF, JPG and PNG.

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