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Managing physical receipts
Managing physical receipts

How to upload a receipt from your phone

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Upload receipts directly as a photo

To upload a receipt directly from your own photos, first, take a photo of the receipt. Now go to the Circula app, click on the yellow plus sign in the upper right corner and select which issue you want to add.

Then go to the photo icon in the bottom left corner and select "Choose from photos". Check all the details and submit your output. Done!

Do users need to keep physical receipts after submitting them digitally?

After you have submitted an expense you no longer need to keep the receipt in a physical form as long as you make use of a DMS (Document-Management-Software). If you follow this condition you are legally on the safe side and GoBD compliant.

📝 Note: If you have no access to or are not using a DMS yourself, Circula offers a DMS Add-On. For more information please contact us.

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