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Circula takes a fixed monthly base fee including 10 user licenses. For all additional users Circula offers single and flexible licenses. Circula proposes three different plans depending on your needs:

  • Circula Basic, starting at 8,50€ per license, per month*

  • Circula Professional, starting at 13,00€ per license, per month*

  • Circula Enterprise, pricing upon request.

❗️*Note that there is a minimum purchase of 10 licenses for these plans.

You can pay your subscription using payment cards (Visa, Mastercard) or bank transfer (SEPA).

Frequently asked questions

Can I try Circula for free?

Yes, you can try our expense management solution for free for 14 days without the need to input your payment method. Sign up for a free trial now!

How can I continue using Circula after my trial period?

To switch your subscription to our paid plan, go to Settings in the web app and enter your credit card information in the Billing tab.

What pricing plans are available?

There are 3 plans available:



(per month, + VAT)



(per month, + VAT)



Base fee

(10 user licenses, 12 months contract)



Per every additional user license




Per Flex user license

(no contract)




💡 Note:

Additional user-licenses and flexible user-licenses only differ in their contract duration. With the additional user-licenses you can individually adjust your general quantity of licenses when signing your contract. The flexible user-licenses however are only activated, when the amount of users exceeds your general quantity of licenses for a certain month.

Furthermore, you can add our Corporate Credit Cards or Benefit Add-ons to your Circula Professional Plan!

Price per month/per user

Lunch Benefits


Mobility Benefits


Internet Benefits

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Relax Benefits

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Corporate Credit Card

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What advantages does a yearly payment offer over a monthly payment?

You can pay your Circula subscription once a year or every month. When choosing the yearly payment however, you can save up to 15%. For example:



(in total per year/10 licenses, + VAT)



(in total per year/10 licenses, + VAT)

Monthly payment



Yearly payment



💡 Savings



How does Circula calculate my invoice?

Circula charges a fixed fee per active user per month. After your trial period ends, we will start charging you based on your total number of active users.

A user will be counted as active on an invoice, if over the last 30 days he has completed at least once one of the following actions:

  • Submitted an expense

  • Approved or rejected an expense

  • Controlled an expense

  • Created an expense report

Is there an additional charge, e.g. per expense?

There are no additional charges for uploading expenses, receipts or statements.

How can I pay?

Payments can be made through Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, and also bank transfer (SEPA). All prices are exclusive of VAT (and other indirect taxes).

When does Circula collect payments?

You will see the first charge on your selected payment method the day you upgrade to our paid plan. After that, you will be charged on the monthly renewal date of your subscription.

Do you still have questions?

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