Cost units and cost centers allow accountants to gain a better overview of company finances and are used to implement a clear cost structure.

Configurations for admins: cost units and cost centers

In the Circula web app, Admins can add, deactivate and reactivate Cost Units and Cost Centers in their respective tabs.

  • To create a new cost unit (resp. cost center), just click on the green plus button in the lower right corner of your browser. In the form that appears, you can now add the name and code of the payee or cost center.
  • To deactivate a cost unit (resp. cost center), simply click Deactivate in the list. Your selection will not be deleted, but greyed out and displayed at the bottom of the list.
  • To reactivate a cost unit (resp. cost center), simply click Activate.

Using cost units

  • When at least one cost unit is activated, submitters will be asked to which project the expense should be assigned during the submission process.
  • In the cost units list displayed to submitters, the option to select “No project” is always available.
  • Users with the role of accountant can change the cost unit assigned to an expense that has been submitted. To do this, they will find a drop-down in the expense details view that, when clicked, displays all active cost units for selection.

Using cost centers

Expenses are automatically submitted with the cost center assigned to the group their submitter belongs to. To assign a cost center to a group, simply select the appropriate cost center in the group details:

Go to User Management to assign a cost center to a group

Example: An employee of the IT department submits a lunch receipt. The expense is automatically assigned to the cost center linked to the group IT department.

When at least one cost center is activated, another drop-down will appear in the expense details view visible to accountants. They are able to adjust the cost centers of submitted expenses using this drop-down.

Example: the lunch receipt submitted by the tech employee corresponds to a cross-departmental event. The cost center for this expense is not "IT department" but "General". The accounting department can reflect this change when controlling the expense in the web app.

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