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Store receipts and digital invoices to submit them later

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Your Storage allows you to store invoices in order to submit them later.

Adding expenses to your Storage

There are three ways to add an expense to your Storage:

  • Email: send your PDF invoices to your Storage by forwarding them to

  • Upload: upload invoices or receipts to your storage by tapping 'Upload or drag and drop receipts' in Receipt Storage in the Circula web app.

  • Scan: with the Circula mobile app, tap the yellow plus button and select 'Scan receipt'. Scan your receipt and tap 'Save to Storage' to complete the process.

Accessing your Storage

Your Storage is accessible both from the mobile app and the web app:

  • In the mobile app: tap on the navigation tab Storage. To create an expense from an invoice, tap on it and select 'Create expense'.

Storage view on iOS

  • In the web app: Navigate to Receipt Storage to upload, delete or to choose invoices/receipts to create a new expense. Also, when you create a new expense in Your expenses, you can click on 'Add from storage' to open the Storage view and choose invoices or other receipts you have uploaded before.

Storage view in the web app

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