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Managing assistants and submitting as an assistant.

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The assistant mode allows you to grant access to your account to other users (assistants).

Appointing Assistants

Users wishing to grant other users access to their account can do so by entering their personal settings in the web app. In the tab Your assistants, new assistants can be added by clicking on the yellow plus button in the bottom right corner.

Click on the yellow plus to add new assistants.

A sidebar will open, where the user can select an assistant from the list of employees in the organization.

Select an assistant from the list.

Once the assistants were added, they receive an email notifying them about the newly gained access to the other user’s account.

Removing assistants

In the tab Your assistants, assistants can be removed by clicking on Delete.

Click on Delete to remove an assistant.

For assistants: switching between accounts

Once an assistant has received a confirmation e-mail, the other account can be accessed.

To switch accounts on web:

  • Tap on Account

  • Tap on the user’s name in the first line of the nested navigation.

Click on the user's name to switch accounts.

To switch accounts on mobile:

  • Go to your Settings

  • Tap on your account to view user's name to switch accounts.

📝 Note: Assistants get access to your user account and can submit expenses on your behalf on web and mobile. Additionally, assistants can view all expenses that have been submitted in the past and expenses that will be submitted in the future.

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