Companies with a Personio subscription can connect their Personio account to their Circula account.

Why connect Personio to your Circula app?

Manually inserting employee data is annoying. Thanks to automated data transfer the integration to Personio takes the work off your hands. Once connected, your user data from Personio will be synced and pushed to Circula:

  • First and last name, e-mail, status, type of employment, if required additionally IBAN and creditor number.

  • New users created in Personio will create new users in Circula users, when they become active in Personio.

  • Deactivated users in Personio will be deactivated in Circula.

  • Data transmission is synchronized every night in the background.

❗️Please note that we only import the status - "Active" and employment type - "Internal"❗️

How to connect Personio to your Circula app

If you already have generated valid API key enabled

To enable the Personio integration, go to Integrations > Personio in the menu.

  • Enter the API credentials already generated in Personio in the Client ID and Client Secret fields.

  • Click Connect afterwards. The Personio integration will be activated.

Please note: Once the integration is made, all customers will automatically receive an invitation email to Circula.

If you need to generate a new API key text file

To connect Personio to your Circula app, sign in to Personio and navigate to the Settings > INTEGRATIONS > API page:

  • In Access, make sure the following fields are selected: First name, Last name, Email, Status, Employment type

Integrate Circula with Personio

Verify that the API key contains the required fields in the Access window

📝 Note: the following fields can also be pushed: Employee creditor number, Employee IBAN. If you wish to push them to Circula, make sure to add them to this list.

  • In Credentials, click on Generate new credentials to generate a new API key:

Verify that the API key contains the required fields in the Access window

Click on "Generate new credentials" to generate a new API key

  • Integrate the API key in the menu Integrations > Personio to the provided fields.

For more information on setting up new API credentials, see

❗️Important ❗️

Once the API key is generated and the integration is enabled, do not click again on Generate new credentials. Doing so will turn off the integration and require you to go through the integration process.

Adding additional fields to attributes

After setting up the Circula-Personio API you can connect the three map attributes and match the Employee IBAN, Employee ID and the Employee creditor number, too.

Setting up map attributes after connecting Circula and Personio

🔧 Special case

If you have multiple entities or companies stored in your Personio account that should NOT be connected to Circula, you will not be able to split them on your own and create single API key files.

In this case, you will need help from our support team, who will be happy to assist you. Please contact our team via or 030 588 491 01.

❗️ Please note - All data transferred between Personio and Circula is encrypted ❗️

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