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OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Scanning receipts automatically using OCR

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The Circula App now extracts the core information from your receipts automatically:

  • Merchant name

  • Invoice date

  • Currency

  • Amount

  • VAT

Here is how it works:

  • Select Scan receipt and save the receipt to your Storage.

  • Go to your Storage and look for your receipt. A note indicates which information has been extracted from the scan.

Extracted: All required information was extracted from the scan.
Partially extracted: The system extracted some, but not all the information needed.
Nothing extracted: The system did not manage to identify any of the required information.

By clicking on a scan, you can create an expense. The extracted information is automatically inserted in the appropriate fields, but you can still edit it later.

Expense Summary

Once your receipt has been scanned and you have added any other information for your expense, once submitted, you can see a summary of all information under the "Submitted" tab in your app.

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