Companies with multiple legal entities can set these up in Circula through a multi-account setup. A multi-account setup allows enabled users to navigate between different entity accounts without requiring to log-out and log-in again:

How to set-up Circula when you have multiple legal entities

An example of linked accounts setup between two entities

How to connect user accounts of different entities

Reach out to or start a chat with our team and ask for this setup. We will take care of the multiple entities setup. In order to complete the setup, Circula needs:

  • 1 separate company account for each legal entity

  • The list of users who need to be linked to multiple accounts

📝 Notes:

  • Inviting the same user to two different company accounts will not work if you use the same email address. In order to bypass this, we recommend using this pattern:

set-up Circula when you have multiple legal entities

Add +1 or +firmname at the end of your user address when registering it on the second company account

  • Both user accounts need to be activated before we can link them.

How to work with multiple accounts

Once user accounts are linked, you are able to switch company accounts in the web & mobile app.

To switch accounts in the web app:

  • Click on your company account name to display the other linked accounts

  • Select the account you wish to go to

You will be redirected to this other company account.

Click here to switch company accounts

To switch accounts in the mobile app:

  • Click on "Settings"

  • Click on the arrow next to the company name

  • Now you see all company accounts and click on the account you want to switch to

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