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Expense statuses for submitters
Expense statuses for submitters

Get to know the different expense statuses for submitters.

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This article outlines the different statuses for expenses.

An expense can have different expense statuses, depending on the processing stage.

You can see the status of your expenses highlighted in your Expenses overview: Expenses with the status "Draft" or "Please check" appear in the "To-dos" list; already submitted expenses will appear under "Submitted".

  • Draft: Your expense has been created but not yet submitted. It can still be edited. In case you submit an expense and want to correct it therafter, you can easily revert it to your to-do's by clicking on the three dots symbol in the expense.

  • Queued (only for Credit Card expenses): You will see this status if a credit card transaction has been submitted as an expense but the complete processing of the transaction has not yet been confirmed by the bank. This may take a few days. In the "In queue" status, the expense is not yet available for review. As soon as the transaction has been confirmed, the status changes to " In review" and the expense becomes visible to the approvers and accountants.

  • Cancelled (only for Credit Card expenses): the Credit Card transaction was rejected by the bank.

  • In review: The expense has been submitted and is being controlled or approved. It still needs review by either an accountant or a supervisor or both.

    Click on the status of the expense to see who is working or has yet to work on it:

  • Approved: Your expense has been successfully approved. Before you can get your money back, it needs to be processed by an accountant.

  • Please check: Your expense has been rejected by either an accountant or a supervisor, and needs to be reviewed and adjusted by you before getting submitted again. The reason for rejection can be seen in the red text field within the expense.

  • On its way: Your expense has been fully processed within Circula. The money transfer is done outside of Circula and the time it takes for you to get reimbursed depends on the internal processes of your organization. In case there are any questions, you can contact the accountant in charge of this expense.

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