With Circula Benefits you have the possibility to convert part of your gross salary into a tax-free benefit in the form of a meal allowance and increase your net salary up to 51 € a month.

How does it work?

Each month, you can submit your meals receipts and get a refund of up to 6.57€ per day. You can claim a refund for up to 15 days each month. This amounts to a tax free meal allowance of up to 98.55€ per month.

Note: If you do not claim the whole 98,55 EUR in a month, the unused amount will be paid out to you as normal gross salary. If you don't submit any receipts, the payout will not differ from your initial salary.

How do I start using Circula Benefits?

In order to start using Circula Benefits, please contact your HR manager.

How do I submit a Benefit?

  1. Go to to "Benefits" in your mobile app
  2. Click the purple Plus Button to submit a receipt
  3. Scan your receipt
  4. Click Submit
  5. Track your submitted receipts in the "Benefits" tab. (Every submission has a status, approved receipts show the calculated reimbursement amount.)

Frequently asked questions

By when must my receipts be submitted?

Receipts for a month must always be submitted within that month in order to take effect when the grant is calculated. This means that all receipts from July must be submitted in Circula by July 31st.

Can I submit more than 15 receipts?

Of course! If you submit more than 15 receipts, we will make sure that the highest possible amount is calculated for you.

Can I use Circula Benefits during home office?

Yes! Circula Benefits can be used in the home office under the same conditions.

How can I stop using Circula Benefits ?

You can withdraw from Circula Benefits any time you want. Just contact your HR manager.

Do you still have questions?

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