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Circula Benefits offers you the opportunity to benefit from a tax-free subsidy in the form of meal vouchers in the amount of up to €103.50 per month.

How does it work?

Each month, you can submit your meals receipts and get a refund of up to 6.90€ per day. You can claim a refund for up to 15 days each month. This amounts to a tax free meal allowance of up to 103.50€ per month (2023).

How do I start using Circula Benefits?

In order to start using Circula Benefits, please contact your HR manager.

How do I submit a Benefit?

  1. Go to to "Benefits" in your mobile app

  2. Click the yellow Plus Button to submit a receipt

  3. Scan your receipt

  4. Click Submit

  5. Track your submitted receipts in the "Benefits" tab. (Every submission has a status, approved receipts show the calculated reimbursement amount.)

Requirements for the receipt

  • All submitted receipts must meet the requirements of § 146a AO in conjunction with § 6 KassenSichV and § 33 UStDV.

  • If meals of more than one person are shown on a receipt, the meals you consumed should be identified on the receipt.

  • If the receipt shows items that are not part of the meal submitted, this should be identified on the receipt.

Frequently asked questions

What rules do I have to follow when using Circula Lunch

Circula Benefits rules can be found in the amendment to the employment contract you sign at the beginning of your use. You can also find a summary of the usage rules here.

By when must my receipts be submitted?

Receipts to be reimbursed must always be submitted within the month of their issuance to be effective in calculating the reimbursement.

Please note:

For any corrections, we extend this time frame to submit to 01 - 03 of the following month. Benefits submitted in this time frame should be correct and meet all requirements, as no resubmissions will be accepted after the 03.

❗️ So please submit all receipts promptly and correctly to maximize your budget.

On how many days can I submit receipts?

You can submit receipts on as many days of the month as you wish, but you may claim a maximum of 15 days per month. So at the end of the month, we will select the 15 most advantageous days for you.

Can I submit more than 15 receipts?

Of course! If you submit more than 15 receipts, we will make sure that the highest possible amount is calculated for you.

Can I use Circula Lunch during home office?

Yes! Circula Benefits can be used in the home office under the same conditions.

How can I stop using Circula Lunch?

You can withdraw from Circula Benefits any time you want. Just contact your HR manager.

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