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Companies with an Onesto subscription can connect their Onesto account to their Circula account.

Why connect your Onesto account to Circula?

Once you connected your Onesto account to Circula, bookings made in Onesto will be pushed to Circula and trips will automatically get created as drafts.

Trips will get created on the basis of:

  • Flight tickets

  • Train tickets

  • Hotel bookings

Drafted trips will include the corresponding start and departure dates, the booking numbers, per diems, all destinations of a trip as well as potential additional information.

Receipts and invoices which are, for example created by a hotel booking, need to be added manually to the trip in Circula. Besides that, the user also has to complement the trip by adding categories and (if applicable) travel reasons to the expenses. Only if all data was added successfully, the trip can be submitted.

Other expenses, that occur during the trip, can then later be added easily to the drafted trip in Circula.

📝 Note:

Changes made to the booking in Onesto will automatically get pushed to Circula and the drafted trip is updated with the new information.

How to connect Onesto with Circula?

For a quick and easy setup of the Onesto integration with Circula, contact us via the chat or write us an email to

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