With this article we would like to show you how you can import your master data from DATEV Reisekosten Classic to Circula.

💡 Important information 💡

A prerequisite for the correct transfer of user data is that all user e-mail addresses are stored in the master data. If these are not available, the transfer of data from RK classic to Circula cannot be guaranteed.

The following master data for setting up Circula can be exported and adopted from DATEV Reisekosten Classic:

Company master data

  • Company Name

  • DATEV client number

  • DATEV consultant number

Employee master data

  • Personnel number

  • First name

  • Surname

  • E-mail

  • Creditor number

  • Cost Units

  • Cost centre

Travel guidelines and flat rates

This function is currently not available in Circula, that means that the data cannot be taken over at this point. All settings are checked by our team and can, if applicable, be adapted during implementation.

To create a master data export, carry out the following steps in DATEV Reisekosten Classic. Go to:

  1. Client> (Mandant >)

  2. Data exchange> (Datenaustausch >

  3. Export Circula (Export Circula)

📝 Note: The menu item will be renamed to “Export to a third-party system” when the DVD is switched in August.

After following these steps, an .xml file will be downloaded to your computer. The file is not encrypted. We therefore recommend encryption when sending the file to Circula.

Please send this file via chat or email to support@circula.com. Our team will then check the file and will contact you to start the set up.

Circula can now use this data to take over the master data described above from your export and implement it for you in your Circula environment / account.

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