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Everything you need to know about the suppliers (external creditors) feature.

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The Suppliers Feature enables Admins to create suppliers directly in the App, which are then assigned a name and number.

This allows submitters to allocate expenses to these suppliers directly.

These expenses will appear in the exports assigned to the chosen supplier instead of the employee that paid for the expense with his or her Circula Company Credit Card.


A Marketing Manager of a company is running Google Ads for 10.000€ per month and pays for this expense using their Circula Credit Card. The expense has been automatically created by Circula and by using the suppliers feature, the user can attribute the spend to Google.

❗️Please be aware that this feature needs to be activated by Circula first. If you are interested in using the suppliers feature, contact us, so we can activate it for your company. In general, this feature is available for any company that uses Circula. But it mostly makes sense for companies that use Circulas Credit Cards.❗️

How to add a new supplier in Circula

Once this feature has been activated for your company account, as an admin you are now able to add suppliers for your submitters to choose from when creating an expense.

As an Admin:

  1. In the Web App, go to "Settings".

  2. Up top, click on the "Suppliers" tab.

  3. Here, click on the big yellow plus button on the bottom right and a new window will open.

  4. Here you are now able to add new suppliers by name (mandatory) and also assign a number.

  5. Click on "Create" and you've added a new supplier to your list.

  6. Done!

Example of creating a new supplier (external creditor) in the web app

How to assign an expense to a supplier

As a submitter:

  1. In the App, go to "Expenses".

  2. Under "To-Dos" click on an open Credit Card expense.

  3. In this expense you have a field called "Supplier (optional)".

  4. Click on this field and you can now select the correct vendor from the list of external creditors that have been created by your Administrator.

  5. Done!

Example of finalizing a Credit Card expense

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