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DATEV EO Comfort. Part 1: Import
DATEV EO Comfort. Part 1: Import

How to set up EOC and Circula integration

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DATEV EO Comfort. Part 1: Import

What is Eigenorganisation Comfort and what is it being used for?

Eigenorganisation Comfort (short: EO Comfort; EOC) is a tool for managing all customer orders (=contracts) of a chancellery. It is used to create new contracts, to collect the hours worked for a contract, to summarize all (travel) costs that belong to a contract and finally to invoice clients.

The connection to Circula allows employees to assign incurred (travel) costs to orders in EOC. First, the current orders are transferred from EOC to Circula and created in the system as individual projects. Then expenses in Circula can be assigned to these projects when submitted, and then all expenses can be bundled and transferred back to EOC and assigned to the appropriate orders.

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The first step is to import your order data from EO Comfort into Circula. Based on the orders, Circula creates matching projects or cost units for your organization.

In the second step, the accounting department can define EOC relevant settings in the Circula account. Travelers can then assign expenses to these projects as usual.

In the last step, expenses are exported from Circula and imported at EO Comfort. There, the expenses are assigned to the corresponding orders.

Step 1: Export contract data from EO Comfort

The starting point is the export of the contract data from EO Comfort. Export the data from the "Times and costs recording/ Zeiten und Kosten Erfassung" program. In the "Recording" tab, you can call up the export via the "Prüfdatei erstellen" link. The so called "check file/ Prüfdatei" is prepared as a zip file for import into Circula.

Creating a check file/ Prüfdatei in DATEV

For more information on creating a check file in EO Comfort, visit the

Step 2: Import EO Comfort file into Circula

The configuration of EO Comfort is done directly via Circula. Here, a check file is provided to Circula and Circula implements a corresponding customization of the application interface.

1. Switch to Circula.

2. Open the tab "Cost units" in the menu "Settings".

3. Click on the yellow plus button at the bottom right.

4. Select the option "Create cost unit from EOC".

You can access this view via Settings > Cost units

After selecting "Create cost unit from EOC" you can import the file in the next window. (Note: Circula knows the password of the file created by DATEV and can read it automatically).

In the next step you can decide if you want to deactivate already imported cost units that do not appear again in this file. This way you can ensure that travelers can no longer post expenses to outdated orders.

EOC zip file uploaded to Circula

Click on "Create new cost units" to complete the process.

Now Circula will create the individual orders for you. This may take a few minutes, but it runs in the background. You can simply return to this page later and you will find the new cost units as projects created here.

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