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How to export your Benefit Reports

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At a glance

In "Reports" > "Benefit Report", company-wide accountants can export the data for their payroll accounting on a monthly basis.

Your Benefits Report will always be available for export in the web app between the 5th and 15th of the following month.


In the "Reports" tab, you will find the benefit reports you need for your monthly payroll. If you also use our Expenses solution in addition to our Employee Benefits, you will see this view:

Here the Benefits report shows up next to the tab "Expense report"

How to download your benefit reports

  • In the Circula Web App, go to "Reports".

  • If your company also uses Expenses, select the correct tab "Benefits Reports".

  • Export the monthly report by clicking "Export" on the right side of the desired month.

  • Now select the format you need for your payroll and you're done!

  • The benefits report will now appear in your downloads folder ready for your payroll.

To access the file, the user role "Accountant outside groups" must be activated. Admins can set this up in "User Management" under "Expense groups" > "Users outside groups" by storing the user there as "Accountant".

Possible error sources

  • If you are already using our benefits but no export appears yet, the corresponding wage type numbers are still missing. Please simply send these to our support team so that the setup can be completed. You can find the information in our manual for Benefit Admins, which you received when you made your booking.

  • If users have submitted benefits but they do not appear in the report, it may be that they were no longer in the benefit group at the time the benefit export was created by our technical team. Please ensure that the submitters always remain in the benefit group until the report for the month has been created.

  • If you want to download the report in DATEV Payroll format and receive an error message, payroll IDs are still missing. Admins can add these in the "User Management" section for employees.

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