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WAY2VAT Integration
WAY2VAT Integration

The WAY2VAT Integration with Circula

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What is the WAY2VAT Integration?

WAY2VAT is an AI-based, automated VAT reclaim solution.

Companies can reclaim the VAT of their purchases they conduct in foreign countries from the local governments. This includes domestic expenses in foreign countries. Businesses lose more than 20 billion Euros each year due to unclaimed VAT on expenses. WAY2VAT takes on this task for you!

Avoid long and complicated recovery processes, and save up to 27% on your expenses with our VAT solution partner WAY2VAT.

The process (example)

The Integration with Circula

The VAT refund is part of the Circula Professional and Enterprise plan as a free integration. If you are currently using Circula Basic, you can upgrade easily.

After the Integration was activated for you, the WAY2VAT integration will be added to your company's Circula account. After completing the expense report and transferring the invoice receipts already submitted in Circula, the VAT is automatically claimed - without having to take action on your own. WAY2VATs Service fee is offset directly off the reclaim and the rest will be reimbursed to your company. Easy as that!

❗️For some countries, expenses can be reclaimed up to six years back.❗️

If you are already a Circula Professional or Enterprise user, get in contact with WAY2VAT to activate the free WAY2VAT account to start the integration.

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