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Tax-Export for the private annual tax declaration
Tax-Export for the private annual tax declaration
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❗️Please Note: This article does not replace legal advice from a tax advisor. It is intended only as supporting information. We recommend that you seek legal assistance when completing your tax return.❗️

Export your trips grouped by calendar year

This functionality allows Circula users to export their submitted trips in a bundle. The export consists of a PDF with an overview of all trips, the associated tax-free additional meal expenses, and the total of the additional expenses for meal thresholds reimbursed by the employer.

What is the purpose of this export?

If employees travel for more than eight hours on business, under certain circumstances non-reimbursed additional meal expenses can be claimed as income-related expenses in the private tax return. This applies if the employer reimbursed no or only part of the tax-free additional meal expenses. This export provides support with a helpful overview of the reimbursed and non-reimbursed amounts.

Why are only trips listed in the export, but no travel costs or other expenses?

There are possibilities to claim unreimbursed travel expenses with a private vehicle as income-related expenses as well. However, such travel is not submitted and processed in Circula. Circula's travel expense functionality is for reimbursing travel expenses and/or documenting non-reimbursable travel by company car.

General expenses processed in Circula are usually irrelevant for income-related expenses in the private tax return.

Where can I get further answers to detailed questions about my private tax return?

Only tax advisors with appropriate qualifications are authorized to provide you with an assessment of your questions.

How do I create my export?

  1. In the Circula App, first click on your name, at the bottom left.

  2. Now click on "Account settings".

  3. Here you will find a tab called "Tax export".

  4. Here you select the year for which you want to create the export.

  5. Now click on Download to start the export.

  6. Done!

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