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Automated receipt matching
Automated receipt matching

How the Circula App automatically assigns receipts to your Credit Card expense drafts

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Automated receipt matching is a feature that automatically identifies matching receipts in the storage and matches them to the right credit card expenses.

How does the automated receipt matching work?

Whenever a Circula Credit Card user opens an expense draft for a Credit Card expense that does not yet contain a receipt, our system automatically searches for matching receipts in the storage and, if available, automatically adds them to the expense.

The system automatically browses the receipt storage and matches expense drafts and receipts based on:

  • amount

  • date

  • currency

As soon as a receipt has been automatically added to an expense, a notification appears directly in that expense. Check whether this receipt has been correctly assigned and if so, you can now submit this expense.

Example: automated receipt matching in the web app

Remove a wrongly assigned receipt

Web App

If a receipt is incorrectly assigned to an expense, users can easily remove it by clicking on "Options" under the receipt in the expense on the right and then on "Remove".

Mobile app

If a receipt is incorrectly assigned to an expense in the mobile app, users can easily remove it by clicking on the receipt and then on "Replace" at the bottom right. Now select the correct receipt from the storage or add it manually by scanning it with the Circula App or add it directly from your photos.

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