The 49-Euro-Ticket

How to submit the 49-Euro-Ticket via the Circula App.

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The Germany-wide "49-Euro-Ticket" or "Deutschlandticket" has been available since 1 May of 2023.

Buying the 49-Euro-Ticket

The 49-Euro-Ticket can be booked with any public transport company in Germany. The booking process, ticket form, or invoicing may differ here from one public transport company to another. Unfortunately, this may mean that in some cases not all requirements for a successful submission in Circula are met.

❗️Circula, therefore, recommends ordering the Deutschlandticket from Deutsche Bahn:

  • Easy booking both on the web and in the DB Navigator App.

  • Online ticket in the DB Navigator App

  • Monthly invoice for submission to Circula Mobility

Order your Deutschlandticket from Deutsche Bahn here!

If you already have a 49-Euro-Ticket from another provider, the switch to DB can be completed in just a few minutes. The ticket can also be ordered with a start date in the future. Alternatively, you can of course also submit the existing ticket and/or invoice as long as they meet the submission requirements or manage your booking via the DB Aboportal.

Manage your Deutschlandticket via the DB subscription portal

The 49-Euro-Ticket can be managed via the Deutsche Bahn subscription portal - regardless of whether they were ordered directly from the DB or from transport associations.

With a account, you can log in at and manage your Deutschlandticket.

In the subscription portal you will also find the invoice, which you can upload to Circula.

Currently, Germany tickets from the following providers can be managed on the DB subscription portal:

The submission process of the 49-Euro-Ticket in the Circula App

Users of the mobility budget must submit their Deutschlandticket every month via the Circula app. This is necessary because the Deutschlandticket can be cancelled on a monthly basis.

In order to successfully submit your Deutschlandticket, the following key data must be visible on your submission:

  • Mobility type (shown as 49-Euro-Ticket or "Deutschlandticket")

  • Date or time period (as proof of validity)

  • Amount

❗️Invoices are best suited for submitting the Germany ticket, as they typically contain all the necessary information. If you do not receive a monthly invoice, or not all information is visible on the invoice, please submit both your receipt (ticket if digital and not chip card) and proof of payment (bank statement, etc.) for that month.❗️

Purchase date and validity

Single tickets are accepted in Circula with the date of purchase, i.e. when you incur costs.

Example: An ICE ticket is purchased and submitted on 25.05.2023 for a journey on 02.06.2023. Circula accepts the ticket for 25.05.2023, so it ends up in the May tab.

With season tickets (such as the Deutschlandticket) it can happen that a ticket is bought and paid for before the validity period. Time tickets are accepted with the start date of validity.

Example: A Deutschlandticket is purchased and submitted on 25.05.2023 for June 01.06.2023 - 30.06.2023). Circula accepts the ticket for 01.06.2023 (start of validity), so it ends up in the June tab.

Mobile App

  1. Tap on the yellow plus sign at the top right and select the mobility benefit.

  2. Now please take a scan of your 49-Euro-Ticket or tap on the picture icon at the bottom left to add a picture/screenshot or another format from your storage or photos.

  3. If you have a ticket in the form of a chip card, please add your confirmation of purchase from your mobility provider.

  4. Now click on "Another scan" at the bottom left to also add proof of your payment in the form of an invoice or receipt.

  5. It is important for this submission that both the date and amount are listed and that it is clear that it is a 49-Euro-Ticket.

  6. Once you are satisfied with your scan or attached receipt, click "Continue".

  7. Now select "Regional public transport".

  8. Check the summary and if you are satisfied, click on "Submit" at the bottom right.

  9. Done.

Web App

  1. Please open your Circula Web App and click on the tab "Benefits".

  2. Click on the yellow plus button at the bottom right and select the mobility benefit.

  3. Now add your receipt:

    • Option 1, Upload Receipts:

      Click on "Upload Receipts" and in the new window that opens, select the first file (your 49-Euro-Ticket) and click on "Open". In the next step, please click on "Options" under your first receipt and now click on "Upload receipts" or on "Add from storage" to add the proof of your payment as a second page.

    • Option 2, Add Receipts from storage:

      Click on "Add from storage" and now select your 49-Euro-Ticket AND the proof of your payment in the form of an invoice or receipt. Click on these two files to upload them together.

4. Once you have added the receipts and are happy with them, select "Regional public transport" in the new window.

5. Now click on "Submit" at the bottom right.

6. Done.

Example submitting the 49-Euro-Ticket via the Web App

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