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DATEV-Export: Purpose to Booking text
DATEV-Export: Purpose to Booking text

How to transfer your purpose field in the Circula App to the booking text at DATEV.

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In order to transfer the "Purpose" (Anlass) field from the Circula App as booking text (Buchungstext) in the DATEV export, certain settings must be activated in DATEV. Find out how to change these settings in DATEV.

  1. In DATEV, go to the Home page (Startseite Belege) now click on the Screwdriver Icon on the right hand side and click on the "Master data" (Stammdaten) tab:

2. Open the tab "Invoice folder" (Rechnungsordner) and click on "Incoming invoices" (see red markings):

3. Select "Goods, service" (Ware, Leistung) as the booking text and save this selection:

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