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ADDISON OneClick - Wolters Kluwer
ADDISON OneClick - Wolters Kluwer

Circula integrates directly with ADDISON OneClick.

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Data for financial accounting can be transferred directly. In this article, you will learn how to do this.

Activating the integration

Please contact our customer support. A simple message is sufficient to order the setup of the integration.

Setup in Circula

To enable a smooth transfer, the same creditor numbers, and booking accounts must be used in both systems.

In Circula, creditor numbers for staff are assigned in the "User Management" section and booking accounts are assigned in the "Categories" tab under "Settings".

❗️Note❗️: ADDISON is often set up individually. Please ask your tax advisor.

The following values apply in the default setting of ADDISON:

  • Creditor numbers are numbers between 70000 and 99999

  • Booking accounts are four-digit numbers (e.g. 2234)

How it works

As soon as you have finally approved and checked expenses in Circula, they end up in the FiBu Export tab.

  1. Select the expenses you want to transfer here.

  2. Click on Export.

  3. Select the option: "Transfer to ADDISON" and click on "Export".

  4. You will then be redirected to ADDISON. Log in with your ADDISON access data.

  5. Then your data will be transferred, this may take a moment.

  6. Done. Once the transfer is complete, return to Circula.

❗️Important❗️: Already exported expenses can also be transferred via the "Reports" area.

Do you still have questions?

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