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Document Management System (DMS)

How does the correct storage of receipts work?

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At a glance:

Companies must have sufficient DMS (document management system) to ensure the correct handling of receipts. This is required to avoid storing physical receipts.

Securely archive receipts digitally

With Circula, you have opted for a digital solution that enables you to capture and process the submitted invoice documents. But how exactly does the GoBD-compliant archiving of receipts submitted in Circula work? And do companies or users also have to store them in physical form?

The legislator stipulates that archiving must take place digitally for 10 years. In this case, a clear distinction is made between "saving" and "archiving".

In order to fulfill the archiving requirements, these files must be archived on a certified document management system (DMS).

You have several options here:

  • DATEV Unternehmen online offers its own DMS with DATEV Belege online. If you export your receipts from Circula to DATEV Unternehmen online, the receipts are automatically stored in an audit-proof manner.

  • If you do not have such a system available, it is worth asking your tax office for a tip.

  • We offer archiving via a third party as an optional service. Feel free to contact us for more information on this add-on.

Important contacts and information

Whether you still have to keep the physical receipts after implementing a DMS is unfortunately not ultimately decided by Circula, but by your local tax office.

Here too, your tax office can help you find the right contacts. Get the "Go" from the tax office, then the physical receipts can go!

Here you will find two more useful links on this topic so that you can inform yourself sufficiently:

Please note that this article is not a substitute for legal advice and you should always obtain information on this from your tax office!

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