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Submitting expenses and mileages
Submitting expenses and mileages

How to submit your expenses and mileages using the mobile and/or the web app.

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This article outlines how Circula users can submit expenses and mileages using the mobile app or via the web app.

Using the mobile app

To submit an expense:

  • Click on the yellow plus button.

  • Select 'Add expense'.

  • Scan a readable copy of your receipt with the integrated camera function.

  • Alternatively, you can select PDF invoices from your Storage after having forwarding them via email to us.

  • Enter the required expense details.

  • Review your information and tap 'Submit' to finish the process

Press 'Submit' after having reviewed your information

To submit a mileage:

  • Click on the yellow plus button.

  • Select 'Add mileage'.

  • Enter the required mileage details.

  • Review your information and tap 'Submit' to finish the process.

Using the web app

To submit an expense - regular expense with receipt or mileage - via the Circula web app, go to the Your Expenses section:

  • In first tab To-Do’s hover over the green button and select expense type

  • Enter the expense details in the sidebar.

  • When submitting an expense with invoice, use direct upload or Storage to attach the document. Storage contains all the receipts that you have previously forwarded us via email, or scanned and saved using the mobile app.

  • When all mandatory information is added, click on 'Submit expense'

📝 Note: you can also save your expense to submit it later by clicking the secondary button with 3 dots and then selecting 'Save changes'.

Click on 'Submit expense' to submit now or select 'Save changes' to submit later

Submitted expenses are listed in the Submitted tab.

  • Submitted expenses will be highlighted in purple

  • Approved and controlled expenses will be highlighted in green.

Circula users can also create trips using the web app or the mobile app. For more information about this process, see this article.

Automated receipt matching

When a user opens an expense draft that has not yet been assigned a receipt, our system automatically searches for matching receipts in memory; if one is found, it is automatically assigned to the expense. This feature is available in the Web and Mobile App. The matching is based on 3 criteria: Amount, date, and currency. However, users still have the option to check the receipt and replace or remove it if necessary.

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