Tutorial: Managing groups in Circula

This article describes how admin users can manage user groups in the Circula web app.

What are groups?

Groups in Circula

Groups allow you to create approval and controlling flows within specific company units. You can assign specific supervisors and accountants to specific submitters, thereby allowing for greater control of responsibilities within your company, which leads to a more efficient management processes. You can furthermore add accounting-relevant information to the groups.

What does “Users Outside Groups” mean?

The purpose of the Users Outside Groups is to let Admins see:

  • which users who have not been added to any group as submitters yet

  • which users hold company-wide supervisor and accountant roles

In the Supervisors & Accountants tab you can choose which users should have supervisor and/or accountant privileges for the whole company.

Additionally, in the Submitters tab, you can view submitters that have not been assigned to any specific group yet. The expenses of unassigned submitters will appear in the To-Dos of company-wide supervisors and/or accountants.

How do I add a new group?

As an admin, you can create new groups by navigating to the Groups tab in the User Management section. To read more about different user roles, click here.

Simply click on the yellow plus button in the bottom right-side corner and a new side tab will open. Next, add the group details:

  1. Add a group name.

  2. Select the supervisor(s) and accountant(s) that will be in charge of approving and controlling expenses.

  3. Add submitters whose expenses will be reviewed by supervisors and accountants.

  4. You can choose a default cost center for this group from the list of active cost centers that you will see when opening the drop down component. All expenses submitted by a user of this group will receive this specific default cost center. Cost centers can be created here.

📝 Notes:

  • One submitter cannot be added to more than one group. This allows for greater accuracy and less redundant workflows

  • If a supervisor/accountant wants to approve their own expenses, they have to be added as a submitter to the specific group they are already a supervisor/accountant for

  • Pending users will also show up in the Groups tab, so that you can organize users into groups without having to wait until they activate their account

  • Assigning new users to your individual groups sooner leads to a better Circula experience. Any changes made in the Groups tab will only apply forwards to new expenses. Existing expenses will not be reclassified

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