Users with the role of supervisor get to approve or reject expenses submitted by their team using the web app.

To view the expenses that need review:

  • Go to Approve & Control, tab Pending Approval

Expenses to approve can be found in the Pending Approval tab

  • To open the expense details view, click on the expense row. You will then have access to general and specific controls over the selected expense.

General controls

  • Expense view: contains all the approving-relevant information related to the expense. Depending on the type of expense (mileage, per diem or standard expense), the information displayed will vary.

  • History view: shows the history of changes made on the expense.

  • Actions bar: here you can either approve or reject the expense:

Mark as approved: When you mark an expense as approved, your work on it is done. Note that you cannot make any changes to the submitted expense.

Reject: if there’s anything that requires the submitters input before you can proceed with the approving you can send the expense back by rejecting it. You can add a specific reason to the rejection. The submitter will be able to make changes and re-submit the expense.

The actions bar is where you can approve or reject the expense.

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