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Approving expenses in the mobile app
Approving expenses in the mobile app

How supervisors approve expenses in the mobile App

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Users with the supervisor role can approve or reject expenses submitted by their team using the mobile app.

📝 Note:

  • in the mobile app it is not possible to view the history of the expense, that shows the changes made to an expense. This feature is exclusive to the web app

  • Accountants can only control and edit expenses in the web App, not in the mobile app

To view expenses that need approval, click on the check mark in the middle of the bar at the bottom of the app.

If you have no expenses to review, you will see the following screen:

Empty overview of the approval tab

If you have expenses to review, you will see an overview of all expenses which require approval:

Overview of the approval tab

To open the detailed view of an expense, click on one of the expenses:

Detailed view of a expense in the approval tab

If you click on "receipt" you will be able to view all receipts / invoices attached to the expense.

To leave this screen the supervisor needs to click the "X" in the left corner.

receipt approval circula scan

Receipt that is attached to the expense

In the detailed view the supervisor has the possibility to either approve or reject an expense via the action buttons at the bottom of the screen. If an expense is rejected the supervisor can add a comment with a reason of the rejection. This will be automatically forwarded to the submitter via e-mail.

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