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Setting up the Payroll Export
Setting up the Payroll Export

How you, as an admin, can set up the data for the Payroll Export.

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What is the Payroll Export?

In the income tax certificate, it is mandatory to indicate the meal allowances collectively. With our new export, it is now possible to pass this information on to the payroll department.

How do you set up the Payroll export?


This feature is only part of the Professional Plan. If your company is on the Basic Plan, you will be required to upgrade to start using this feature. Information regarding our pricing plans can be found here.

In order to set up the Payroll Export, you have to click on the “Payroll” sub-tab in the settings.

You will then be asked

  • to add the relevant employee numbers to Circula

  • to define the wage code for the given categories

  • to complete the DATEV settings

  • to specify the start date from when you would like to use LoBu-Export

Setting up the payroll function in the settings

Additional information on the employee number: While creating a new employee, the employee numbers can also be logged by the admin in the user management.

Who can carry out the Payroll Export?

Accountants can now export data from Circula directly to payroll.

Which kind of expenses can be exported?

These types of expenses are provided for the export for payroll accounting, e.g.:

  • Costs

  • Mileages

  • Per diems

How the Payroll Export is carried out

In order to export the relevant data, the approval and review process are completed as per usual. The following subsections appear on the top of the “Approve & Control” section:

  • the Expense Exports (all expenses that can be recorded via Circula)

  • the Payroll Exports The export options that are relevant for payroll accounting are displayed here:


Before the data for payroll accounting can be exported, they must first be exported in the FiBu Export tab! Only when the export in the FiBu section is completed, the checked expenses are ready for export in the LoBu export.

image.png (2388×1408)

Step 1: Export data for financial accounting/ FiBu

image.png (2384×1310)

Step 2: Now the data can be exported for the LoBu

The expenses relevant for payroll accounting that were saved by users without employee numbers are displayed in the "Missing employee number" subsection:

Open LoBu exports due to missing personnel numbers

All expenses ready for export are recorded in the “Ready to export” section and can either be downloaded or exported directly to DATEV. Here, the declaration of the right month is important:

Transfer payroll export directly to DATEV

In the reports section, the respective reports can now be viewed depending on the category:

Select all the required FiBo or LoBu reports you want to re-export.

Two ways of payout and how to set them up in Circula

If you want to export the expenses to payroll accounting but do not want to pay them out to your employees from there, please enter a corresponding wage type number for the gross net deduction under "Settings" and "Advanced". This ensures that expenses are recorded in payroll accounting but not paid out from there.

The gross-net deduction ensures that in payroll accounting the amount paid out is set to 0.

If you handle the reimbursement of expenses via the financial export, you can leave the "Gross net deduction" field empty.

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