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Export of payroll data directly to DATEV
Export of payroll data directly to DATEV

How to sent the payroll data automised to DATEV with Payroll Import Data Service

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For the transfer of transaction and master data, which are necessary for the creation of the payroll accounting, the Payroll Import Data Service in DATEV is needed.

Essential information about exporting payroll data from Circula can be found here. You can learn more about the file formats here.


This feature is exclusive to the Circula Professional Plan. If your company currently uses the Circula Basic Plan, your account must be upgraded accordingly. More information on our price list is available here.

This service is used to transfer payroll data directly into the DATEV payroll program without needing to manually download or upload it.


  • Circula Professional Plan

  • Payroll accounting program: DATEV LODAS or DATEV Lohn und Gehalt

  • DATEV Add-On "Payroll Import Data Service" ("Lohnimportdatenservice"). If you are not yet using this add-on, contact your tax advisor to activate it.
    💡If you or your tax advisor need help with the activation, you can book a free appointment at this link.

To export data from Circula to DATEV

  1. Go to Ready to Export under Payroll Export in your Circula web app.

  2. Select the respective expenses and click on "Export".

  3. Select "Transfer to DATEV" as the export option.

  4. Select a target month to which the expenses should be posted.

Select "Transfer to DATEV" to start the process.

You will then be redirected to the DATEV login page below:

After logging in, select the appropriate client number ("Mandantennummer') and complete the process.

After that, you will be redirected back to Circula and receive the message that everything has been exported successfully.

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