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How to set expense policies

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What are expense policies?

Expense policies are a set of rules a company applies to define how much money their employees can spend on specific categories. This process simplifies the expense limitation for companies and employees.

What are they good for?

With the 100% digital process companies find it no longer hard to control when an expense policy is violated. In the Circula app, supervisors and accountants will be notified if a submitted expense violates a policy in. This avoids administrative effort and discussions about submission amounts.

Expense policies allow admins to set limits on the amount that can be spent by submitters on an expense category. The limit can be sent per expense or per calendar year.


  • Single expense: “For category taxi, no more than 50 EUR can be spent per expense.”

  • Calendar year: For category flights, no more than 600 EUR can be spent per year.”

If a limit is reached, Supervisors and Accountants will be notified directly in the expense:

Setting up and configuring Expense policies


If you want to use the Expense policies, the following requirements must be given:

  1. Circula Professional Plan.

  2. For a quick and easy setup of the Expense policy function, write us an email to support@circula.com.

How to create a new policy

In the Circula web app, admins can add, deactivate and reactivate Expense policies in their respective tabs.

  • Go to “Settings” > “Expense policies”.

  • Click on the plus button at the bottom right of the screen.

  • Policy name: Here you can give a name to the policy you want to create. Tip: Make sure that the name is something that you and the rest of the company can understand easily.

  • Select the category the policy will apply to, the amount limit and whether the policy will apply per expense or per calendar year.

  • Select if the rule will apply to the whole company or to certain people.

  • You can see a preview of the warning message that Supervisors and Accountants will see if there is a policy violation.

  • Click on "create policy".

Expense policy creation

Who will see the warning in case an expense policy violation occurs?

Submitters, after the expense is submitted.

Supervisors, in the approving process: They can then reject an expense if the policy is violated.

Accountants, in the controlling process: They can then reject an expense if the policy is violated.

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