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What you need to know about using Circula groups.

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Circula's Benefits Groups is a new feature that allows administrators to assign different employee benefits and benefit budgets to employees.

This not only simplifies the entire process, from selecting the right benefits, assigning them to specific employees, and setting budgets. It also allows you to offer reduced benefits to part-time employees.


A company has five (5) employees, three (3) full-time and two (2) part-time. This company would like to offer its employees benefits in the form of the meal allowance and the mobility budget. One way to implement this would be, for example:

❗️Full-time employees receive:

  • 15 times meal allowance per month

  • 50€ mobility budget per month

❗️Part-time employees receive:

  • 9 times meal allowance per month

To implement this, the company creates two groups in Circula:

  1. One group called: "Full-Time-Employees", where per user 15 times meal allowance and 50€ mobility budget per month has been activated. The company now adds all 3 full-time employees to this group.

  2. A group with the name: "Part-time-employees", in which 9 times meal allowance per month is stored. Now only the 2 part-time employees will be added.

How does this work?

Creating a new group:

  1. Go to the "Benefit Groups" tab in your web app

  2. Tab on the yellow plus button in the bottom right corner.

  3. Now give the new group a name (e.g. Full-time-employees).

  4. Now you will see all the benefits that are already available to you

  5. Tab on "Add" next to each benefit to activate it.

  6. Tab "Save"

  7. If not automatically opened, tab "Add employee" and select all employees who should belong to this group.


Activate a new benefit or set a budget:

  1. Go to the "Benefit Groups" tab in your web app

  2. Open one of your groups

  3. Tab on the "Add" tab next to an inactive benefit

  4. Now you will see the default settings of the selected benefit

  5. Here you have the possibility to make individual adjustments

  6. Tab "Save"


The default setting when the benefit is activated is:

  • Lunch benefit: 15 meals per month

  • Mobility benefit: Complete mobility budget set at 0 EUR

  • Internet benefit: 50 EUR per month

As an administrator, you have the ability to customize your benefits as follows:

  • Meal allowance: 1-15 meals per month

  • Mobility budget: Unlimited (choice between classic mobility budget and tax-free mobility budget)

  • Internet allowance: 0-50€ per month

Do you want to add more employees to an existing group?

  1. Go to the "Benefit Groups" tab in your web app

  2. Open one of your groups

  3. Tab on "Employees in this group"

  4. Tab on the yellow plus button in the upper right corner

  5. Add employees

  6. Save


Part-time employees

Benefit Groups allows you to set user-specific budgets and thus enable your part-time employees to receive benefits as well.

💡 If employees work part-time, benefits can still be used. However, these must be reduced accordingly. Only the days per week on which the employee works are relevant, not the number of working hours per day.

Example: A working student (20hrs a week) works on 3 days per week. This employee can receive Circula Lunch on 9 days per month (3/5 * 15 days).


  • Companies can activate new benefits by simply activating them in a benefits group.

Example: Until now, a company only uses the meal allowance, but in one of the existing groups, an administrator now activates the mobility budget. From now on, all users in the group will have mobility benefits and when they use them, the company will be charged for the new benefits.

  • One submitter cannot be added to more than one group. This allows for greater accuracy and less redundant workflows.

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