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Managing expense categories
Managing expense categories

Create and edit expense categories in the web app.

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What are categories?

When creating an expense, users are asked for the category the expense belongs to. Categories allow for faster controlling and a more straightforward auditing process. New categories can be created by admin users under Settings in the web app, and each category can be given its own unique booking code, leading to a better classification of expenses.

How can I add a category?

Admin users can manage custom categories in the Categories tab

To add a new category:

  1. In Categories, click on the yellow plus button

  2. Name your category and add a booking code (optional)

  3. Click Create expense Category

How can I edit categories?

  • Admins can add and edit the names of new categories, as well as the booking codes for all categories.

  • The names of default categories cannot be changed.

  • Only categories created by the users can be deactivated, whereas default categories cannot be deactivated.

  • Once a category has been deactivated, it cannot be edited any further, however it can be re-activated.

The Hospitality (Meal) category

When "Meal" is selected as category, submitters will be required to add attendees and can specify whether the attendees were internal or external ones.

  • Circula allows for 2 distinct booking codes for Meal to distinguish between internal and external attendees.

  • Internal/external attendees input can be later edited by accountants when controlling in the web app.

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