Review and control of folders

How Supervisors and Accountants can approve and review expenses within a folder.

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This article covers how to approve and control the folder feature for accountant and supervisors. If you want to know how to submit a folder, please see this article.

Approving and controlling expense folders

The folder feature allows accountants and supervisors to gain a greater overview of grouped expenses and mileages.

Overview of a submitted folder in the web app

Approving/ rejecting a folder

In a folder you can accept expenses and mileages one by one, by clicking on each of them and reviewing them all. If an expense needs to be reviewed by the submitter, the whole folder needs to be rejected.

It is also possible to approve a folder as whole by clicking on the folder and approving it in the bottom left corner.
A folder is ready for export when it has either been approved as a whole, or if all the expenses/mileages were approved.

You can reject a single expense by clicking on it

You can reject the whole folder by clicking on it

Rejecting a whole folder causes it to be sent back to the user. The submitter will then automatically see which expense or mileage needs to be reviewed. Therefore, it is best to select the single expense that needs review and to add a rejection reason to it before sending it back to the Submitter. The status of all other expenses within a folder will not be changed.

To add a rejection reason, first reject the expense, and then type to rejection reason in the dedicated area.

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