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Everything there is to know about Circulas employee benefits.

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Employee benefits are tax-optimized and thus a cost-optimized solution to enable employees to receive a more cost-effective salary increase. This is a cost-effective way to compensate for inflation, or simply to reduce costs generally. They are a powerful tool for strengthening the employer's brand, attracting applicants, and increasing employee loyalty in the long term.

Why choose Circula Benefits?

Use the tax benefits to optimize your employees' wages and reduce your costs at the same time.

  • Zero admin work for HR: Once submitted, Circula audits the receipts, calculates the reimbursements, and creates the files for your monthly payroll.

  • Easy to set up: Implemented within hours thanks to our support team.

  • Standard payroll integrations: Circula works plug & play with DATEV LODAS and

    Circula works plug & play with DATEV LODAS und Lohn & Gehalt but also with any other payroll system upon request.

  • War on Talent: Enhance your employer brand and engage your employees.

  • Compliance: Circula is compliant to GoBD and certified as compliant software by Eger, Färber & Kollegen Wirtschaftsprüfungs und Beratungs GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft according to IDW PS 880.

What employee benefits does Circula offer?

Circula's meal allowance in the form of digital meal vouchers allows you to provide your employees with a tax-free allowance of up to €108.45 per month. Every meal receipt can be submitted - whether purchased in a restaurant, at the supermarket, or from a home office delivery service, employees can use the digital meal vouchers flexibly. Circula automatically checks all receipts, calculates reimbursements, and creates the files for your monthly payroll, which is 100% compliant with German tax law.

Circula Mobility is an employee benefit in the form of a mobility budget. Companies can allocate a monthly budget to their employees to use for their mobility needs. By submitting receipts to Circula, users can receive a monthly allowance. Employees can use any type of transportation they need, both for personal and business matters, but different tax rules apply depending on their choice.

This public transport allowance is a reduced form of the mobility budget that enables employees to use all means of transport that can be assigned to local public transport (ÖPNV) or long-distance passenger transport free of charge if this is explicitly used for commuting to work. Employers are free to choose a budget to support employees in their more sustainable mobility behavior. This benefit is fully exempt from tax and social security contributions for both employers and employees.

Circulas Internet allowance gives employers the opportunity to increase the salary of their employees by up to 50 euros per month or 600 euros per calendar year (= 12 x 50.00€) in a tax-optimized manner. Employees enter their costs once in the app and receive a monthly reimbursement from then on.

With the help of the recreational lump sum, employers can reimburse their employees once a year a lump sum for the purpose of recreation. For the employer, this benefit is taxed at a flat rate of 25% and is exempt from social security contributions. For employees, it is free from both tax and social security contributions.

With the Voucher Benefit from Circula, employees receive up to €50 more per month in net salary in the form of tax-free voucher benefits, which can be redeemed at numerous partner shops of your choice throughout Germany.

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