Users with the Admin role can invite additional users and manage their rights using the Circula web app:

  • Go to User Management in the Circula web app.

  • Press the yellow Plus Button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

  • Enter the necessary user details.

  • Select Admin if you want to give the user the role of Admin.

  • Click Send invitation.

💡 Tip: You can add creditor numbers to each employee. We have one for reimbursable expenses and a second for non-reimbursable expenses. This number will be added to your exports and subsequently reduce the work on the accounting side, when expenses are imported to the accounting system.

💡 Tip: You can also add an IBAN for each employee. This information is crucial, for example, when using our SEPA Export function.

As soon as you've invited colleagues to Circula, they will be sent individual invitations to activate their personal accounts:

  • Invited users will appear in the Pending Users tab until they confirm their email address.

  • Users with confirmed email address will appear in the Active users tab.

  • If you wish to deactivate a user, you can do so by going to the Active users tab and clicking on the disable button.Deactivated users will appear in the Inactive Users tab.

You can assign invited users to groups and manage their roles in the Groups tab. See our articles about user roles and how to manage groups for details about the topic.

➡️ Invite new users to Circula

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