Users with the role of an accountant can find expenses that have been approved and controlled in Ready for Export. These expenses are now ready to be exported in a report.

To create a report, select the expenses to include, select your file format and click on Export

To create a report:

  1. Tick the left checkboxes to select the expenses you want to include in the report.

  2. Click on the yellow Export button to open the export options.

  3. Select your desired export formats.

  4. Click on Export to complete the process.

The selected expenses will be deleted from the Ready for Exports section and saved in the Reports section, where you will be able to download past reports as:

  • CSV file. This file contains all selected expenses with all available data fields. Additionally you will find for each expense a link to the receipt image. Split expenses are shown separately.

  • PDF file. Reports in PDF format are created per employee and per trip.

  • ZIP file including digitized documents, either in original format or as PDF.

  • DATEV Format. The original DATEV format allows the import expense data WITHOUT linking images/receipts to DATEV Kanzlei Rechnungswesen (ReWe).

  • DATEV XML file. With this newer standard report format you can easily import expense details together with receipts to DATEV UO.

  • SEPA XML file. This XML file contains all expense details for you to reimburse employees via SEPA transfer.

Created reports can be downloaded again in the Reports section

💡 Tip: Use the filter and search functions to quickly find the expenses you are looking for. To filter submitted expenses made by one employee, click the search function on the top-right hand corner in the app and enter the employee's name.

📝 Note: The Ready for Export tab allows accountants to create reports, which will later appear in the Reports tab. The All tab holds all expenses, regardless of their status. Here you can find submitted expenses, as well as approved, controlled and rejected ones. Exporting expenses in All does not create a report.

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