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Everything you need to know about using Circula Benefits in our web app.

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As a user, you have the ability to submit Circula's employee benefits in both the mobile and web app.

How do I submit a benefit?

After you have been invited to Circula as a new user, opened Circula on your computer and logged in, go to the "Benefits" tab. There you can use the yellow plus button in the lower right corner to submit your first benefit. Select the benefit you would like to submit.

Lunch Benefits

After you have selected the Lunch Benefit, you now have the option to submit a receipt from your storage or directly from your desktop. Upload the receipt and click "Submit". Done!

Mobility Benefits

For the mobility budget, you also have the option of submitting a receipt from your receipt storage or directly from your desktop. Upload the receipt and select the corresponding means of transport. If it is a trip outside Germany or an annual ticket, indicate this here. Click on "Submit". Done!

Internet Benefits

In order to claim your Internet Benefit in the Circula Web App, you must sign a declaration in advance, which Circula will provide to your employer in advance. Once it has been signed, the Internet Benefit can be activated for you. Open the Circula app, select the Internet Benefit and enter the amount of your Internet costs once. In the following months, the amount will automatically be refunded to you.

If your internet costs change at any point, you can easily adjust the sum in the Circula app. Just go to the Benefits tab, click on the yellow plus button, select the Internet Benefit and enter the new sum, click submit. Done!

Relax Benefits

To apply for the recovery allowance, go to "Benefits" in the web app. Click on the yellow plus button to submit your vacation days, and select the "Recreation Allowance". Now select the month in which you took the leave days. Select the vacation days taken (min. 7 days). Now you can add possible spouses and/or children. Now check that you have entered all the information correctly and click on "Submit".

Now your submission will be checked by Circula. If the verification was successful, you will be reimbursed your recovery allowance with your next salary.

Overview of submitted benefits

After you've submitted your first Benefits, you can check your submissions in the "Benefits" tab.

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