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Personio Multi-Integration Pre-Setup
Personio Multi-Integration Pre-Setup

Learn how to set the right preferences in Personio.

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In order to set up or configure the Personio API, you must first make a few settings in the Personio app. Please also contact our support team so that we can make any further adjustments for you.

Setup in Personio:

  1. In Personio, navigate to "Settings".

  2. Now click on "API access data" under "Integrations".

    3. In the new window, click on the toggle next to Circula to activate the integration.

    4. click on "Generate new access data":

5. Now please select the required attributes under "Readable employee attributes", especially the attribute "Company":

6. Now click on "Save":

After you save this process, you're done!

To learn more about the benefits Personio Integration has in store for you, read this article:

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